Summary of Benefits & EOC

Sonder Health Plans

Summary of 2025 Benefits

Summary of Benefits – Sonder Complete Health
(HMO – H1748001)
Summary of Benefits – Sonder Diabetes Wellness
(HMO-SNP – H1748003)
Summary of Benefits – Sonder Heart Healthy
(HMO-SNP – H1748004)
Summary of Benefits – Sonder Dual Complete
(HMO D-SNP – H1748005)
Summary of Benefits – Sonder Tiers
(HMO – H1748010)
Sonder Health Plans

Evidence of 2025 Coverage (EOC)

Evidence of Coverage – Sonder Complete Health
(HMO – H1748001)
Evidence of Coverage – Sonder Diabetes Wellness
(C-SNP – H1748003)
Evidence of Coverage – Sonder Heart Healthy
(C-SNP – H1748004)
Evidence of Coverage – Sonder Dual Complete
(HMO D-SNP – H1748005)
Evidence of Coverage – Sonder Tiers Medicare Advantage
(HMO – H1748010)


Sonder Health Plan’s utilization management activities are designed so that they do not provide incentives, financial or otherwise, for the denial, limitation, or discontinuation of covered services by Plan staff or network providers.